Friendship: my failure

January 12, 2019
1 min read

I feel sorry of few things in my life. Among them is that I could not be a friend to any body. I just loved to be with myself too much to need any friend. Then may be there was my mother who filled this vacuum if there was any. Then came my wife. Then my son. That is already more friends I can handle.

I disappointed many people who wanted to be friends with me. I feel sorry for that but I could not kill my soul to make them happy. But no friendship is unconditional even among those who have many friends. And then there is a limit to the number and types of friends you can make. So may be I am not such a jerk after all. After a limit, everyone will behave like me and shave off wanna be friends.

So it is not bad, is it? Yet i don’t want to think my life is perfect so i will maintain i failed as a friend. At least I failed in somethings permanently.