May be, a new direction

April 11, 2024
2 min read

As I was swimming today, I had a new thought. since economy is shrinking and the corporate sector basically has no more money to spend on training or activities that are beyond the normal thing, I was thinking maybe I should change my target group and even my offerings. Why not position myself as a meditation expert and teach meditation in a way that has never been taught. Like I will be selling, management, consulting but this time it would be to help people overcome their sufferings using meditation and a change in lifestyle? 

I realized that I am so damn good that assigning new concepts of medication everyday and why not just for this knowledge to people and operated as a service like I will do in helping people develop skills and customer service skills or even team building Skills. 

I was thinking of collaborating with the gym, maybe the one that I go for swimming and offer them free classes at the beginning. Then you operate like job, having members getting free meditation passes and each one will get a customized medication process. And then if they want to have a new process, they would have to pay. 

That’s a very. But can it be scaled up? Or would I be trapped in the details with the very few followers sucking my blood? I cannot say anything right now on the probability of success or failure of this idea, but it’s a very good idea that is needed at the time, I think.