Major professional accomplishments

Here are various interventions in which Manohar Man Shrestha was or is the management consultant/trainer over a long term period ranging from one year (or less) to a decade plus. This list doesn’t include the hundreds of organizations spread across dozens of sectors to which he provided training either in-house or in public seminars.

1. NCC Bank project 1
Requirements :
A new CEO came on board to turn around this bank in major loss. He brought reforms at the level of board governance, financial strategies and work culture. He realized he needed to talk to each of his 500 + staff to motivate them and tell them to smile at customers who were complaining about poor dealing.
My intervention :
I was hired to go to all 17 branches all over Nepal to do on the job customer service training.
Outcome : success. My intervention was highly appreciated and although no direct measure was there, was linked to the bank turn around to profit.
2. NCC Bank project 2
It was an abnormal time when banks were competing for deposit. It was the height of deposit marketing. This occurred because of many banks being given licenses and rapid branch expansion by these. This client wanted a solution to increase its customers base and deposit through direct promotion as indirect promotion wasnt enough.
My intervention :
I conducted a two day event at four regions in the country. The first day was a sales training. The second day was full day door to door marketing with all the 50 plus employees of the bank in the local area.
Outcome : success . It was reported that after a 6 months the intervention, deposit linked to it increased dramatically in the range of multi crore.
Prabhu Bank
Requirements :
This bank was one with younger and shy staffs compared to others but the ceo who was also young but very dynamic. He wanted all his staff to be proactive in meeting deposit targets.
My intervention :
I went to all the branches at that time 18 to give on the job training on sales and proactiveness.
Outcome : unknown.
3. Rastriya Banijya Bank
Requirements :
This bank was partly owned by the government and carried a customer second culture. The top management understood the shift that had occurred in the market but the staffs didn’t see the iceberg on the way. The HR department needed the front line staff to change their attitudes and behaviors towards customers.
My intervention :
I went to around 10 branches and gave on the training on customer service and how various factors lead to their impact on customer service quality.
Outcome : unknown.
Requirements :
It was an extremely ambitious startup. More than one crore had already been invested in branding over one year but sales was negligible. Massive hiring was being done. How will sales occur was unknown.
My intervention
I started as trainer to the 2 dozen hires preparing them for door to door strategy.
I then lead an Erp to manage the expected growth in business enquiries and sudden dramatic increase in staff and complexity in operation.
I designed a unique compensation package called RPIT or Reward Penalty Incentive Target that was designed to turn employee mindset into owner mindset.
I designed successful marketing strategies for various market segments.
I lead at the peak 30 branches all over nepal on a daily reporting system.
I coached the ceo for top performance.
Outcome : success.
Sales grew exponentially.
Despite many corporate mishaps that would have shut the company, the system, strategies and culture kept the company standing and in peak performance.
5. Growth Sellers
Requirements :
The company had high brand value due to highly effective marketing strategies but the profits were not in line due to weak operations. The services offered were new and how to build proper systems , culture and strategies around them to have smooth operation had been a struggle for the MD.
My intervention :
Through weekly meetings over a year i transformed the culture from ” we are a hr company” to ” we are sales company selling hr services.
I was able to design new frameworks and sops for operations where none existed.
I was developed usp features for the various services offered where before they were dependent on suppliers.
I was working on a complete Erp and knowledge management system that was dropped owed to over budget towards the end.
Outcome : failure. My intervention was not appreciated because i failed to establish strong coaching relationship with the owner.
6. Bindu Hardware and Sanitary
Requirements :
This is a running client. The MD had heavily invested in infrastructure of the showroom and staffing. However there was increasing bad debts and decreasing sales not to mention low employee morale.
My intervention :
I designed a complete erp using Google drive that controls all aspects of the company from finance to inventory to sales to dispatch.
I implemented organic compensation system tailored to each dpt and changing circumstances.
I changed to culture to professional branded company.
I influenced the owner to take the multi brand strategy.
Outcome : success . The owner is now rich and happy opposed to financially troubled and unhappy before. Company is growing the 100 crore goal.
7. NEEK transformers
Requirements :
It was an established monopoly whose market was being atracked by a less invested new player. The MD wanted to mitigate this threat by developing a winning sales culture in his company.
My intervention :
I implemented measurable sales based incentive system breaking a 20 year tradition against it.
I developed a erp system to analyse the massive data from the iso factory, linking to sales, procurement, finance.
I developed a culture of proactive sales where it was only reactive owed to having monopoly status.
Outcome: the year of engagement showed profit more than expected and the next year the foundation caused 50 percent growth.
8. Croprotech
Requirements :
This is a running client. The MD was bombarded by cashflow problem, staff indiscipline, attack by competitors, loss of vision. He wanted to close. But he also wanted to save this 20+ years old company.
My intervention :
I did twice weekly coaching to the MD to help him change his management style that he accepted was the cause of the company s problems.
Through weekly meetings with staffs i was able to change the culture from laissez faire to one of accountabilty.
I designed various growth strategies and used the star organization chart concept to execute them.
Outcome : success. It is a total turn around. Profit and cash flow back to normal. Staff highly motivated and capacity built. Next level of growth to corporate began.
9. Boston International College
Requirements :
This is a running client. Located outside the main education hub of Kathmandu, this college was struggling to differentiate itself with other local colleges. The principal wanted to give the students more than a degree and give them exposure to corporate level training and culture.
My intervention :
I designed a program called BCCP Boston complete program. I conducted series of workshops to all semesters. It helped change the attitude and personality of students to a corporate friendly one.
I also implemented a daily reporting system for all students in their final semester.
I established a job cell that gets many requirements from the market and places students.
I designed the framework to conduct training style classes using my DPAT modality through local teachers.
Outcome : success. The admission increased dramatically. College branding as practical education was achieved. Students benefited a lot.
10. International School of Hotel Management
Requirements :
This is a running client. It needed to prepare its outgoing students to do well in their internships overseas.
My intervention :
I designed a series of 10 workshops covering soft skills that were delivered once per week. After 9 years i was able to bring in a new trainer to train in the same modality.
Outcome : success. Students became highly appreciative of college due up this program and they found success in even overseas jobs.
11. Atlantic International college
Requirements :
This is a running client. It needed to prepare outgoing students who were academically very sound to have entry level strategy for the job market by changing their personality.
My intervention :
I designed a series of 10 workshops covering soft skills that were delivered once per week.
Outcome : success. the college even changed its moto to match the theme of my intervention to linking learning to life.
12. Himalayan Whitehouse International College
Requirements :
The college wanted to have positive behaviors and attitudes in joining students by changing the way mandatory orientation was conducted.
My intervention :
I conducted workshops during the orientation of each new intake of class 11, bachelor and master for over 5 years.
Outcome : success. Students showed highly positive behaviors as opposed to previous years.
12. Indreni Group
Requirements :
This is a running client. This group has over 12 separate companies all with good sales. The problem was that proper management took a back seat compared to growth. Major loopholes was in underdeveloped accounting system, reporting lines , work flow management, board governance, unplanned expansion and Diversification.
My intervention :
I conducted series of meetings in all companies aligning their efforts towards common goals. I created the corporate dpt, finance, marketing dpt. I coached the chairman.
Outcome : success . All companies are showing signs to profit and sustainability.
13. Newah
Requirements :
The organization needed a new strategy to tackle the stagnation it was facing due to the decline stage in the corporate cycle.
My intervention :
I conducted surveys and workshops to formulate a new strategy drawing parallels to the profit making organizations.
Outcome : unknown
14. PrimeLife Insurance
Requirements :
After massive branding campaign it needed to train its agents in structured marketing.
My intervention :
I conducted workshops to enhance the salesmanship and develop the personality of agents in 6 regions of Nepal.
Outcome : unknown
15. United Insurance
Requirements :
The company was facing problems in sales caused by board governance, employee morale and leadership weaknesses. Which issue to tackle first was the question.
My intervention :
I conducted weekly meetings for change management. After extensive it was conclusive that there there was a leadership crisis. I recommended ceo coaching for one year on weekly basis.
Outcome : unknown
16. Shaan Furniture
Requirements :
It has invested in machinery but there was a chicken or egg situation. Demand wasnt there when supply was there. Supply could not meet demand. Operation at factory was primitive compared to the investment.
My intervention :
I motivated the engineers at the factory. I then created a 10 member marketing team to launch b2b strategy.
Outcome : failure. The owner dismantled the marketing team , all engineers and key staffs quit.