suburb and city

April 25, 2024
2 min read

There is a big difference when I stay in my home, which is in a peaceful suburb of the city, and when I stay in my whole home, which is just in the middle of this busy Street. Everything is so restless and moving fast when you are looking out of the window of my city home and everything is appears slowly moving and nothing seems to matters when I look out the suburbs house. 

As I look outside of their city house, I see people rushing to go somewhere from somewhere. Most of them walked in pairs, while some walk alone. Everybody is speaking for money or connections or some work. The legal energy is very high. It’s an energy of hunger and desperation. Basically I. Feel totally different here. The world passes me by. Then I am here doing nothing, just. Loving them. I have none of their worries. I knew how it was to be there at one time. Even when I walk the same streets, others who might be watching from a window high above like I have been might also think that i am too desperate and hungry. 

When you stay in the city, you will not be able to do nothing. This is hectic. And I am still just, you know, city of a country that has such a low GDP. Imagine being in the middle of New York City or Bombay or Delhi or Calcutta. 

But again I have chosen my side. I have chosen to be calm and free.