Manohar Man Shrestha’s expertise is as follows:

1. Here are some topics he has given Training at least a dozen times:
a. Customer Service and Customer Relationship Management
b. Leadership
c. Communication and Presentation
d. Decision making
e. Teamwork
f. Motivation and self motivation
g. Marketing
h. Salesmanship
i. Credit Recovery
j. Supervisory skills
k. Knowledge Management
l. Creativity
m. Personality Development
n. Self Development
o. Career Development and career strategy
p. Professional Management
q. Conflict Management
r. Negotiation
s. Counseling
t. Organization Development
u. Professional Administration
v. Human Resource Management
w. Critical thinking
x. System thinking
y. Advanced Excel
z. There are many other topics covered but number of times conducted is less than 6.

2. Management consulting:
a. Strategy
b. Operation
c. Sales
d. Marketing
e. MIS
f. Account
g. Credit recovery
h. Finance
i. Human resource management
j. Procurement
k. Inventory management
l. Branch coordination
m. Branding
n. Board of directors leadership

3. Writing
a. Articles on any thing related to management and life
b. Official Strategic Plan
c. Profesional reports

4. Sectors well versed in :
a. Banking
c. Hardware and Sanitary
d. Professional Services
e. Restaurant
f. Education
g. Travel and tourism
h. Agriculture
i. Insurance (life and non life )
j. Capital goods
k. Departmental stores
l. Development

5. Levels comfortable with
a. Lower level
b. Middle level
c. Senior level
d. Chief Executive level
e. Board of directors level
f. Consultants level