binding jobs vs liberating jobs

April 25, 2024
4 min read

Work defines a person. If you go to the doctor, the problem is first instinct is to give you some kind of medicine or offer you a surgical operation and solution. If you go to a lawyer. The first thing that you will offer is to the person whom you believe did wrong to you. If you go to an engineer, he’ll offer to build you a solution so that the problem doesn’t occur again. If you come to a counselor, you will try to understand how this problem occur and help you heal.  

Let me illustrate with an example of somebody who got Sick, sick after trip to the hotel.  

Doctor : He will give you some medicines to fix your sickness. 

Lawyer: You will propose that you sue that hotel for making you sick. 

Counselor: You will ask what happened in that hotel and is there any reason that you could have gotten sick because of some shocks. 

It just seems that different professions have got different and have got different ideas of how we can get happiness. Why is this in such a way? Maybe people with a certain mindset are bound to that profession leads to people developing similar mindsets. 

I believe that all of the three examples have got their own righteousness in various situations. It is just that they are appearing ridiculous in other situations when they offered their particular solutions. 

But the question is, who would you like to be married to? Because every day there will be problems that occur in life’s injustices. And she will have to find solutions quickly based on our own nature. The tendency is to follow our own I’m trying  nature. So it will be quite inconvenient and difficult to live somebody who has a lawyer nature, because that person will want to sue people and blame others and they get compensation. Basically, such a person would be revengeful. Similarly as the lawyer in the same line, other people who are in the profession of giving law justice like the police, attorneys behave in a similar way as I described earlier. So living with such people would always be like having to do the right thing and not breaking laws and if you break laws, finding flaws in the other person. 

I’m happy that I am a counselor and a consultant trying to understand people’s problem and offering solutions and helping them find their own cure. I’m not trying to sell any medicines or solutions except what they are willing to do at whatever price they’re willing to pay. I myself was biased at the beginning thinking that the ideas that I purchased word solutions to all the problems. But then later on I made sure and I give up that limitation to stick into selling my own ideas. That has caused me to be so liberated in my own world, even though I make less money because I recommend less of me. But I gained much more in savings and in happiness. 

I don’t think that I am able to, but I just think that Ioffer people what they need. If they need a doctor, i offer them to your doctor. If they need a lawyer, I for them to go to your lawyer. And if they need more counseling, I offer them to go to other counselors with respective expertise. 

Some professions bind us. some professions liberate us. I have chosen A profession that degrades me. I am happy even though I don’t make too much money.