This blog belongs to Manohar Man Shrestha.

This blog aims at portraying his inner journeys.

First of all he is a human being with aspirations of self-discovery, success and happiness like all others. The career path he has chosen to attain those three attributes is as follows:

1. He positions himself as Management Consultant/Trainer/Writer working in Kathmandu, Nepal.
2. He is the chief consultant to dozens of organizations in multiple sectors, on a retainer basis.
3. He is also in the training circuit providing both in-house training and public workshops.
4. He is a columnist and publishes weekly in the national daily, “The Himalayan Times” in its “Perspective” page every Sunday’s, jointly with Mr.Mohan Ojha, MD, Growth Sellers.

He has been in this practice of management consulting, training and writing since 1998, gaining recognition after 2007. Educated as a mechanical engineer from the reputed university of Kathmandu University, he found his calling elsewhere in what can be called vaguely, ‘organization development’. He realized that there was tremendous contributions still needed in this field.

His innate ability lead, coach and solve problems combined with the increasing complexity of running organizations in the 21st century in Nepal by new generation of entrepreneurs and investors has built an unthinkable consulting/training empire just a decade back, around Manohar Man Shrestha.

He is a prolific writer with the knowledge he gained through the thousands of books he read, through his thousands of interactions with people in various circumstances and through the inspiration he gets from his inner self like many accomplished writers claim.

He has a unique style of training he has coined as DPAT, acronym for Discussion, Presentation, Activities and Test. Basically it is participatory, synergistic, and insightful.

As a management consultant in Nepal, he has devised a unique formula for success both of his tenure and of the organization. He coaches the CEO/MD of the organizations on a weekly basis one to one. He chairs various departmental and inter-departmental meetings,chipping in his world class training. He designs systems to manage workflow (re-engineering) and data management. He’s aced this repertoire so well, changes for growth in profit and happiness of the organizations can almost be guaranteed where he is given to lead.

With so much knowledge and skills in one man, at times he wonders what destiny has in store for him.

Last updated on April 5th, 2016