Manohar Man Shrestha’s visions are as follows :

1. To be the Chairman to groups of organizations totalling net worth of over 100 billions rupees, through an investment firm. Thus to lead hundreds of entrepreneurs/ceo’s and hundred thousands employees under them towards an economy producing profit, growth and happiness. This by the age of 80 years starting from 43 years.

2. To be the chief management consultant of Nepal government and all its ministries/departments, through a consulting firm of which I’ll be the Chairman. Thus to be the most trusted advisor irrespective of which party comes to power. This by the age of 80 years starting from 60 years.

3. To be globally honored as the topmost management consultant, trainer and writer of Nepal at par with Napolean Hill, Peter Drucker and Stephen Covey. This by the age of 90 years starting from 70 years.

At the date of formulation of his vision in May 2016, he is 42 years of age.