A new way to look at career problems

June 1, 2009
2 min read

Look at the world around you.  Many of us won’t have to time to do that simple thing.  When i was young and deciding on the  career that i would pursue, i made it a point that my career will allow me time to look both outside and inside myself on a regular basis.  I did not want to be 80 years old and suddenly realized that I had mountains and mountains of things to repent and equal number of people i needed to thank but never had the time. 

Many people face career problems in there lives, some fall into accidents, others get sick.  However most of them take their mishaps as bad luck and want to get out of it as fast as possible back into the race of success.  However, they don’t see that it is a time god has allocated them to do their real business of reflection, contemplation and penance.  Why blame god for this? In fact it is there own sub-conscious mind that has programed these mishaps.  Take a deeper look into your own psyche, if you don’t believe me.  Better still rewind your thoughts and you will find one that said something like, “I wish this madness and rush stopped.”

Well be careful what you wish!

So next time you meet a glitch in your path to success i hope that you will look at it differently: in a glorious way.