If you want to get into banking…

December 1, 2009
2 min read

They’ll ask you why you want to join banking.  Don’t answer crap like for glamor, for getting loans, for status, for working in AC, for getting a car.  Be smart. 


10 reasons to join bank can be:

1. Transparency : other private limited companies have a double account system.  One for themselves and the other for tax dpt.  So you never know how much the company is making or losing.  One is in darkness.  It is like playing football and not being able to know how much is your score. 

2. Career growth: banks is a world in itself.  You can really rise.  There are levels and they really mean new areas of growth. 

3. Opportunities to show talent and leadership: the game in banking is simple.  Increase deposits, loans, and commissions from non-funded services, decrease NPA, recover bad loans, grow branches. 

4. Security: you won’t get fired at the whim of the boss

5. Sense of ownership: banks are public limited and there is no single owner.  so you too can feel like a owner. 

6. Knowledge of all sectors: you are to know the concept of every field from trading to manufacturing, from transport to beauty parlors, from law to social ettiquettes.

7. Development  of many talents: you have to juggle many roles from, banker to lawyer, overseer, surveyor, consultant, financial advisor, conflict manager, etc

8. Chance to educate people on asset management: many people in nepal still don’t know what is FD or a saving account. 

9. Help entrepreneur grow start then business and people’s dreams

10. Help in  development Of nation. even  in remote areas


10 things they look for

1. Confidence

2 Positive altitude

3. listening power

4. Personality

5. Iearning  altitude

6. ambition

7 objective of joining

8. Adaptibility

9. Social skills

10 manners


7 extra things they look for:

1. Proactiveness

2. Analytical skills

3. Resourilfulness

4. Extrovert

5. Passion

6. Genuine

7. Serious


10 Things to consider

1. What is playing in your mind?

2. How you enter sit listen

3. Smile

4. Eye contact 

5. Breathing

6. Repeat key  words

7. Summarize

8. Have a Sense of humor

9. It is ok to say I don’t know

10.  Be honest, don’t lie