Can they find me?

January 12, 2019
2 min read

Here I am living a life of a retired man. I didn’t want to live this life at 60, 70 or even 80. It is too important part of living to postpone it so far away and so near to death.

I have always loved to stare at nothingness. In the great life that I earned and created in the last 20 years, I revel at my unique position in existence: and yet no one knows about it. If they found out, I would be swarmed with followers and I want none of them. Thus I have documented all aspects of my life like this one, that one day they might find out about me and my secret life.

Living the life I have lived, cannot even be imagined by the greatest yogis or the billionaires.

As I write listening to instrumentals with an upbeat mood, with no worries of any kind, with only philosophy to spend my my time on: reading, listening, writing, thinking, working out, what more can one want? Add the potential to do anything and go anywhere I would want.

So sometimes I just wonder who the hell I am? But i know the answer: I am a reincarnation of a great yogi whose mission is to figure things out in the 21st century and start a new lineage that would make the right path for the next generation of seekers of enlightenment and material wealth.

No one would believe me at this point. And that is the way it should be. When my work will be complete, they will come. Till then, I am enjoying the silence, not that i will allow any noise in the remaining days of my life. But still once they find me, there will be a bit more commotion.

I just wonder who will find me? how? when?