Casanova or Beloved Father

March 30, 2012
2 min read

At one point in life we have to make choices.  As I wake, my 4 year old son is next to me.  Little is said about fathers and the choices they make.  People say mothers have made lots of sacrifice for children.  But the father’s contribution also isn’t less speaking in terms of the choices he makes.  This is obvious because many men don’t make that choice.  You got it, I talking about the choice:

1.  be a Casanova


2. be a beloved father

I personally believe I could be have been either one.  Frankly speakingl like all men I wonder what if I were a casanova too.  But as i wake up next to me son, I realize the choice was worth it.

I am sure that now I would not be a Casanova even if I were given a chance.

As I see my son, I realize the sacrifices my father had made, many of them no man will openly speak lest he is judged as immoral; so it is with me: I am silent with regards to the list of sacrfices I made.  Truly little credit is given to fathers.  To make their children have a fair chance at life, he does so much.  Fathers are humble beings compared the mothers who like to boast.

I could go on in this topic more but I think you got my idea.