Internet compared to boys

March 30, 2012
2 min read

Don’t lie.  All boys were fascinated by that organ.  That made us boys and others girls.  Some of us misused it, some overused it, some refrained.  Then time came when we matured and realized that the power of this organ was if we could transform it into pursuits in sports, intellect, spiritual, travelling, creation, business, relations.

Internet is something similar that it is a tool that can be easily misused, overused or refrained from using.  Then times come when we mature and realize that the internet can be used best as a library, as a way to explore areas of life that we can’t reach physically, create systems and handle so many people and work that physically would never be possible.

Myself i took 10 years to become a matured internet user.  It is like experimenting with drugs.  If you are smart, you will quit after the first try before addiction gets hold of you.  Similarly internet although has infinite potential application one might just get addicted to few aspects of it.

Today I can’t think of life without internet.  Everything is here: from my personal files, to my blog, to unlimited information and power.

Of course it has its limitation.

Man cannot be woman.

The internet should never have displaced libraries and bookstores.  But may be it was less the internet that  Yet there is little joy compared to going into a bookstore and let “that book” magically attract you to it, and “that book” will change your life. can’t have that romance component of bookstores.

I wish more people understood and decided to buy from bookstores rather than on  Just lately my favorite bookstore, Pilgrims in patan has closed.  I kept shopping there but i guess others thought the internet was enough.  But there is no comparison between internet and bookstores: they are nore substitutes but complimentary.  Both man and woman are needed.

Anyways, I’m going to write more on the internet in the next blog.