Negative Attitude: your own nemesis

May 27, 2009
2 min read

You think you have done nothing wrong.  You have done the best you could.  Because people have been saying you should communicate well, you have tried to be as polite as was possible.  Yet you get negative comments or feedbacks from others. 

From my consulting work, i have come to the conclusion that is phenomenon is rooted in a deep negative attitude.  Many it is so ingrained it is can’t be seen as such. 

Yet another conclusion that has not reached public awareness yet, is that the people who have negative attitude are such because they lack the skills to clear doubts and fears they have.  Most people will not keep a cancer in them.  But many people do.  Doubts, fears and insecurities are such cancers.  They grow and first result in negative attitude then  in self-sabotage of which one is totally oblivious.  As a result these people experience discredit, false accusation, segregation and lack of opportunities.  All this further fills them with more doubts and now mistrust towards others and the system.  This further increases their negative attitude and this aggrevates people around them who thus try to keep as far away as possible from them. 

So negative attitude is a silent killer.  Stay away from it by using tools and techniques to clear doubts ,fears, insecurities, mistrust and all negative things like throws at us.