Working 4am to 8pm: 16 hrs a day

February 19, 2018
2 min read

Sometimes i think i think too much in that my work is too abstract. Certainly not as abstact as particle physics but given that there isn’t like a group of people doing my kind of work as a profession or hobby make a total line thinker. Thank god i exercise if not I’d be toasted.

At times i wonder why i couldn’t be selling vegetables or cars. These just don’t interest me.

At times i feel i can’t plan further but i must go deeper to find the solution to the problem i want to solve and be a billionaire doing so got the world. It’s so hectic. Thinking in this frequency is my work ! I’m going to be paid handsomely for this. In the end it is all in the head.

WaKing up at 4 i start work that is planning the company’s business model. I shut all thoughts during samadhi which is absolute silence for 1 hour before in sleep. The rest of the time I’m working.

I realise I’m working a lot and i love my work. At times it is so tiring. But i must give this idea full commitment. I’m going to figure out what to do and earn billions !

Nonetheless it is fearsome but go on i must.