Billionaire at 60

November 8, 2014
2 min read

20 years from now I’ll be 60. An Amazing shift in consciousness occured to me in my 39th to 40th year . It wasn’t bad, it was a good one. It appeared accidental but must have been pre-destined.
I can thus divide my life into 2:
1 . Before 40
2 . After 40

when I was 20 years old I had a choice to make:
1 . To pursue to become a billionaire first then to become enlightened
2 . To pursue enlightenment first then to become a billionaire.

I took option 2. As life passed by, I forgot that choice. I was happy reaching full enlightenment. It involved not only meditation. The journey was full of studies, going places, meeting people, experimenting with my personality, discovering my talents, mastering my skills. The journey was as much inside as outside.
What I achieved inside is too incredible to explain now. I refrain always to talk about my inner practices because people could copy them without bases and create problems for themselves.
The world inside is extremely dangerous. It is so difficult to guide anyone inside unless the guru has a team of bodiless gurus. That’s it. It is so complicated and rare that in this world there will be 1000 billionaires to one fully enlightened person. Such a person Won’t wear a robe or beard or even use jargon. All these are stages far lower. He will be just normal. Only an aura photograph would give him away.

So I took option 2.

It was a long journey. 2 events occurred that reminded me of my choice at 20. It was so painful but transformation is such.

Now I stand at the base of my next conquest. It’s going to be hard to earn several billion dollars in 20 years but many people have done it and unlike the path of enlightenment it is socially accepted and much guidance is available openly.

You’ll ask- why I want to be a billionaire? Unlike a gullible child, this vision come to me like that of enlightenment. It’s something I need to do.

What I’ll do with those billions is to give it away to make this world a better place. I’ll be wiser at 60 .

My strategy is almost laid out by my work in the last 20 years .

let ‘s see If I will reach the summit at 60.