The inner vacation

March 31, 2012
1 min read

I had been so busy last year.  I took a break meaning I let go many projects pass.  I could have seen it as losing income but i saw it as spending that equivalent of money on my own spirit, rejuveneration. It was like I spent the money that I could have earned in an inner vacation.

Somehow through years of meditation, i found my inner sanctuary.  I find more peace inside of me than being in a resort.  Should i say same peace.

During that inner vacation, I re-discovered so many things that I had forgotten over last years.

I loved to visualize, and contemplate on the future and highly improbable things that through my visualization I would make true, among many things.

Then what vitalized me most was making by bucket list.  In total there were about 80 items.  Non were like seeing the pyramid or jumping off an aeroplane.  I realized I am not like that.

We are all different.  Yet we all long for similar things: material prosperity and inner bliss among few common desires.

I wish i could teach the art of inner vacationing to you.