A brighter future

April 15, 2022
1 min read

I am still undecided about how to present my ideas to the new college. I have failed too much I guess to have any hopes of long term employment with any client. It is sad. At times I wonder why it has to be that way. Always in hindsight i think that the failure was the best thing to have happened but then during the moment, it felt bad and I always wished I could do more.

So it is natural I ponder about my current situation.

I have various strategies:

  • be aggressive like before
  • by passive like in my new form
  • be calculative for long term relationship

the third option seems natural to me. I should do this one.

Besides I have also a new deal, although small in amount, it may lead to a long term relationship, one that matters to me. I like the owner: he is spiritual.

May be karma is bringing all my past followers to me.

I don’t know back of my mind, I feel that a bank will give me a long term contract. I am in no hurry, though.