3rd strategy to awaken the world: debuted

March 19, 2022
3 min read

So I finally started the daily slide to viber and whatsapp. I have to accept that I will have mixed reactions:

  1. some will be happy and have already replied
  2. some will ignore me
  3. some will silence me
  4. some will block me
  5. some will write to unsubscribe

Also I have to accept that various people will see my motivation in different ways:

  1. some will see it as a great initiative
  2. some will see it as a sign of desperation
  3. some will see it as proof of my arrogance

But for myself it is a bit different:

I am doing it because I want to be the king of kings as per my prophecized destiny. This is a major step. My role is to increase the mode of goodness in the world.

Also this might get me some leads and even some work.

I have to accept that I am in nepal and work related to increasing knowledge could never flourish due to the small volume of business. But it is enough to keep me occupied. This week also I have work 4 days. So not bad unless the 3 days get cancelled.

I feel a bit of anxiety over to go ahead with my daily viber and whatsapp. my fears are:

  1. what if they feel irritated?
  2. what will they think of me?
  3. will I be disturbing them?
  4. am I asking too much from them?
  5. is it the right audience?

However these fears are easily refuted:

  1. if they feel irritated I am happiest if they reply with an explanation of why I should stop, but I will be ok with them ignoring me, silencing me or blocking me
  2. as about what they think of me, from school days to university I was always different. It was I guess my grooming. So they will think whatever they want. The worst they can do is backbite and try to destroy my career if they can. Even that I will accept because at least I am important enough to be backstabbed.
  3. yes they will be disturbed but it is gods’ work to awaken them and once sentence of wisdom a day, can’t be bad and I am not asking them for anything in return
  4. what am i asking from them? nothing but to acknowledge by wisdom. But to many that will be too much. They are happy in their own deluded world to be awakened. Still they can opt out. So if they don’t then it is not my fault
  5. I don’t know which is the right audience and moreover i have no other audience. It is a warm audience. May be I should have gone for cold audience and more but then I want to go low on cost.

Knowing myself I know that once I cross today, I will not stop ever. I have enough material for a year and it increases weekly. I am just happy that I am able to recycle most of my work. it is great.

Also I see that the type of slides I am putting out do not exist. So it is a good thing.