June 4, 2019
1 min read

I didn’t understand it at that time. I thought it was the last episode, but now i realize it was trailer of my upcoming life.

I am talking about the my last 3 months in singapore. I lived life without responsibilty, totally free, travelling, swimming, losing weight, enjoyin, reflecting. I thought I would never be able to be this free once I would go back to nepal where i would have to make a living, get married.

It was true from 2004 to 2019, yet 15 years. I am living fully that life now. It started in 2017, but now it has taken the full form. I am rich and free. Of course I need to be richer and freer, but that will now be based on the foundation of bliss I have now and nothing less.

May be the next challenge is to replicate this life on larger canvass like in the USA. I don’t know but I am so sure that it what my destiny is. However now I know exactly what i want and what i don’t want.