Talking about stategy

March 21, 2019
3 min read

Strange new type of fear opened up in my dreams yesterday. It was about not being willing to face a problem or a dark secret or an issue.

I pondered the whole day on what that issue or those issues could be.

On the same day I had planned to go & pay my taxes on a property. I went and they asked me to disclose things that I hadn’t have to disclose before. I felt the same feeling as above.

But I wonder, could the dream been more than a prelude to a normal day at the tax office? This predicament is a common one even for me in a corrupt beaurocacy as in Nepal.

So I wondered, could that dream be more than my taxes?

Maybe it is my fear to start with my email marketing strategy. I have been putting it off since so long.

I did one email blast in 2006 and that is it. I gave up. I was scared of being ignored constantly & I was right at that time because there was no product as now.

Today I have videos & an exact product offering. I’ve developed coping strategies for playing this new game of full time freelancing until I die. It is tough but every life is tough. At least this life gives me what I love: freedom & money together.

so I’ve been afraid of doing email marketing. But for me there is no better marketing:

  • I hate doing Pr & meeting people casually
  • I love writing
  • I love to spend a few hours a day doing copy paste of emails as it is like chatting
  • I don’t mind being ignored

This strategy will become a daily habit. I needed a strategy that can be done daily without causing me discomfort.

I will start.

At first I predict not much will happen, some people might reply negatively but I’m ok. It is 100 times easier than door to door marketing & corporate visits. I enjoy these 2 strategies but I don’t have a competitive advantage in these. Cheaper people & gossipers are more suited to those strategies. They thus take away from me.

Yes I feared this new venture. But time has come. With zero marketing I have reached this far. I must reach at least 1 new potential client per day.

My measurement will be increased:

  • views
  • friend request
  • replies
  • jobs
  • referrals

should I stop? No even Brian Tracy or Tony Robbins didn’t stop, I must not.

1 email per day. That’s it.