In the mind of a modern buddha

March 17, 2022
2 min read

Today I am feeling so lazy. I needed some dopamine so i did some online chatting. I want to go swim.

As I watch various people today who are in the streets to play holi festival, I realize we are all products of eletric signals and chemicals running in our bodies. When we look at some one lookin great or doing great for a moment out eyes mirror the brain pattern of these people and we either feel as good or as bad as them. Also certain perceptions right or wrong create a certain neural pattern that in turn creates a certain hormonal pattern, thus making us feel certain ways, that in turn make us think certain thoughts.

today I was having some thoughts on power. I just realize that in the eyes of most of my peers I am powerless. 2 ceo’s never picked and returned my calls. That i think made me feel this. but being a philosopher I am afraid to push this thought further.

But i always remember that power is highly relative.

As i write this i realize that i am achieved to turn this blog into a dopamine source. But for any habit to be addictive esterogen and tersterone must also be triggered. These will take some time.

Same time as I watch models in lingerie my androgen level is being normalized.

Truly I have mastered the art of happiness.

Now remains for me to make myself present in the world. Being powerful in the highest sense like the buddha, my friend of past lives.

I am however in no hurry.