What came first?

August 10, 2014
3 min read

Did god make man or man make god? This question carries too much luggage and stigma. So I rephrase it:
What came first: the soul or the body?

Religion has us believe soul came first. Science says soul is a mental concept and not real so body came first.

Being so spiritual myself and having experienced the invisible force of that spiritual World, I cannot say soul is not real. But it is becoming increasingly ridiculous as science advances to think that there is an intelligence that existed during the time of the big bang and then the first amoeba.

Then that force caused the meteor to hit earth and exterminate dinosaurs so that human could strive so that it could be worshipped. The idea itself is outlandish.

So I propose another theory that makes sense to me.

Somehow man came into existence. Then his IQ got developed. He began to question his existence. He devised the concept of god. Among them a few men experienced a space different than the 3 dimensional world. We today can scientifically measure that world using Kirlean photography. It is a moment in history like we developed the internet today. These pre-historic dudes with very high IQ with nowhere physical to put their mind into thus created the cosmic intelligence or the spiritual world or heaven and hell. There is no fixed name like we have for the internet today. Also different geniuses designed different protocols for their worlds. This thus became what we now call religion. So each new member of the religious system added new features in that system both at the spiritual level and physical level (literature and rituals). But those who can hit the spiritual world are few in number.

To be able to impact that level one would have to reach the highest level of enlightenment.

Then in each religious internet would have system administrators. Then we would call them god.

Their coding we would call acts of god and we would experience them as destiny.

They would influence our Choices and affect events. In some ways thus life Would be pre planed but it wouldn’t be for all. Even in the case of pre planned destinies things could go wrong and the system owners would have to wait and find someone else.

But mostly their choice of soul doesnt fail.

So I could go on. But my conclusion is simple:
man made god.