What now after samadhi?

April 22, 2019
2 min read

So my 3 dreams have confirmed by attainment of the 8 siddhis. It is a scary because not only I am embodied but i live in the modern society, and I am just so young and so there is so much of life ahead of me.

Ok i achieved samadhi and the 8 siddhis. Now what? Until you don’t reach the destination there is always the desire to get there, but once you get there it is quite deafening.

However I know my friends have already got things in their minds. The circle is complete: in my right hand is a ascended master of the hindu tradition and in the right is a ascended master of the buddhist tradition.

I know that this circle is responsible for everything from discovery of electricity to Einstein, from the rise of capitalism to the building of the swimming near my house.

Having so much power while still in the human body is a new experience for all of us. thus rules of body must be followed.

But what to do? I have not been told yet. One thing is almost certain is that I will become a billionaire. Given that it won’t be through entrepreneurship, how will it is un disclosed to me for my own good. I recalled JK Rowling, writer of Harry Potter. Could i become a billionaire like her?

I don’t even need that much money. But in the world there will be no one as rich as me, that is the will of god. Yest i don’t need it and certainly don’t want it but I cannot escape my fate. Part 1 without which i could not care of anything else, is attained. PArt 2 is waiting.

However all this might just be a delusion like the dozens I had before. The problem is just that I have no more plans after attaining samadhi.