Life’s dilemmas

August 22, 2014
1 min read

Man is trapped in so many ways. At such times he neither can stay happily nor can he leave freely. It’s like he’s trapped in time.
I am now in such a situation. Any one else would have crumbled down by the weight of the morality and responsibility involved. Such a awkward situation has happened to l am sure no one in history. It is so awkward I cant write it here.

If I leave this situation I will not incur any sin but I would be destroying what I built like a falling deck of cards. I never thought I held so much power. My energy is holding all this together.

I get tired of being the benevolent leader but my energies have settled in that role. I have become of age. Napoleon hill was right. At 40 the final transmutation occurs.

I always wanted to be the greatest . Such a person obviously will face the greatest challenges. I feel like it is more than I take at times but then I survive.

That day is near when such dilemma will dispel like clouds after a storm.