Post samadhi talk

April 5, 2019
2 min read

After attaining samadhi, i knew it was the beginning to a new spiritual life. But what exactly i could not know. To those who are just beginning or are on the way to samadhi, know that is a totally different life, a life akin to the mythical shiva. No wonder yogis made so much fuss about him. But this state that i am in, would not have been practical even a century ago or even if I was born a decade earlier or later. It couldn’t have been possible if I was born in a developed nation or a poorer nation. I had to be born under a certain astronomical sign, at a certain date and be given certain name. It is crazy. On top of that my wife had to be born under similar situations.

Reaching the state of post-samadhi I am talking about required an unthinkable balance like in the formation of the earth amidst the millions of galaxies in the universe.

When my story will get out, and i don’t say, “if” because it is a certitude, people are going to react in massive inspiration. there had been great men before but I will someone from a totally different league.