The difference between training and management consulting

December 17, 2010
1 min read

I call myself a management consultant/trainer/motivator/writer.  Many people are confused about what all these mean.  Here is how i will explain it in the crudest ways. 

There are organizations.  I am what a doctor is to a patient, an engineer to a building, an artist to a canvass, boxer to a ring, to an organization. 

These organizations have 2 things they need me for:

1.  problems that don’t fall under any known expertize such as accounting, IT, legal, HR, technical.

2.  visions that can’t be fulfilled through the existing hiearchy

In short I am alike a general physician or GP of organization problems, a commander-in-chief of orders, a bridge between levels of understanding.

The relationship between the organization and the staffs can be compared to husband and wife. 

Sending staffs to a training is like going on a holiday or having a fling. 

Taking management consulting is like having a mistress or long term affair. 

Yes the concepts i outlined might not be perfect but this is how i see my work for now.