SOP for Shaving

December 19, 2010
1 min read

I shave everyday. I have been shaving since the  past 20 years. I discovered a Solution to a conSistent shaving related problem only a month back. What I am saying is there might be  solution so any problem if we are patient enough, faithful enough and open- minted enough.

So here goes the problem, Hair in the blade Collected and could not be removed with  the force of my tap water. It needed three times the force Of  water like in starred hotels. That was not available in my home.

I tried more foam more gel but it didn’t work.

Then just a month back I mistakedLy washed my face before shaving. Eureka! There was no hair stuck in  the blade after shaving.

So now my standard operating Procedure or SOP is

  1. Wash my chin and cheeks area three times
  2. Put gel
  3. Shave
  4. Wash face with soap.

This SOP delivers and delivers same hair free blade quality everyday

Now that is management principles applied to solve day to day household problems , hairy ones at that.