How is your customer service style?

June 23, 2010
1 min read

It is world cup 2010 fever.  Depending on what your staffs think, you can fall into one of the following roles:

1.  Goal keepers: you work so that you get any complaints from customers through the management (to whom they complain)

2.  Defense: you work hard so that there is no error, give fast service, provide what the customer asks and what is promised, making sure the customer has no reason to question you and your service

3.  Attack: you try harder to interact with the customer by intitiating dialogue, appreciating, flattery, finding things in common, avenues to teach and learn.  You try to make a mark in the customers mind through extra service of personal touch.  It is riskier as the customer might find a hole and complain.  But it has rewards in that you might score in his heart and he will praise about you to management if not in your face.

4.  Scorer: you not only help the customer with the service he paid for but try to upsell, cross-sell him. 

So what is your customer service style?