Courtesy: a key to the top

June 22, 2009
2 min read

I work with the CEO’s, MD’s, GM’s and similar title of various organizations from gvt to private limited, from banks to NGO’s. 

Things common i have found in all are:

1.  They are apologetic as much as possible.  They reply an email a bit late, they are sorry for that.  They delay in getting a contract approved by the board and get my consulting started, they are sorry.  They can’t continue smoothly due to external factors like strikes, they are sorry.  They have to call you at odd hours, they are sorry. 

2.  They are thankful.  you come and pay them a visit, they are thankful. You email them, they are thankful.  you do a great job, they are thankful.  You accept their invitation to work for them, they are thankful. 

3.  They are obliging.  They want to you to do your job, they request you as if you are working for free.  They want you to report them on special cases, they request you as if you are working for free.  They want to have word with you, they treat you as if your schedule is worth thousands per minute. 

Now those three behaviors are nothing more than what parents or a good school should have taught all kids: say sorry, say thanks and say please. 

The question is did these three behaviors take them to the top or did they develop the three afterwards? 

Is there a corelation between success and the three practices of saying sorry, thanks, and sorry?

Statisically not proven, but i believe there might even be a causational relationship. 

Challenge me, otherwise!