When coaching fails…and system has to takeover

December 23, 2010
2 min read

Today, I got carried away by my emotions (this time of shock and disbelief) after eons.  It is bad for a management consultant.  For the first time, i feel bad about what i said.  Yes, the event that generated these emotions was serious in its nature but it still doesn’t justify me allowing myself to lose my control over emotions.

This is how things were.  There is is bunch of kids i have groomed for the past 3 months.  The data showed that they did not record certain data in the system when they should have without fail.  This i considered as data theft.

It is just like they don’t care about the company.

They will repent no doubt.  But that is little consolation for us who have to run the company.

Love for , Loyalty to and responsibility to the company should come from within.  Some people can be trained into it.  I think 30%.  Others will lose out on these time-honored attributes.

20% will develop these qualities by repetitively telling them.

50% will always be corrupted. For them only a strong computer based system with a physical control mechanism, will work.

With the CEO , as a management consultant i have begun the design of this total office management software.

But i have become sad because i thought that my training and repetition were enough.

No only a robust system can drive people.

It is sad that people are so easily contaminated.

A total office system makes such contamination irrelevant.