What for ?

June 7, 2016
1 min read

The immense bliss engulfing me has adapted to my new vision. I’ve got a vision and at the same time I’ve got peace. Such profound tranquility is difficult for people to imagine.

Abundance flows into me because i secure the source of abundance of others.

I have become the master of management of organizations. It is so well set in my brain like music in the head of a prodigy.

I’m definite on not owning anything.

I feel so powerful like i could change the worst case scenario company into a success story. I can create success for entrepreneurs. All that in a meeting: such is my power.

I don’t have much desire. Whichever they are they’re small ones. I have already more and infinite wealth without hassle of owning is coming. So for what to own ?

No a trust will operate my fortune.