Who cares ?

June 23, 2016
3 min read

From my unique vantage point I am seeing the world in a way no one or a few see.

It is my blog so I can write what I want even if to anyone who ever reads this, it might feel like I am bragging. The truth however is that this is my self talk style.

My vantage point is :
* I am 42. I built a career around me that gives me not just money but unlimited time. Thus I have more money than I can spend in this lifetime and more time than any man can imagine (more on this in later blogs). The combination of the two leads to a blissful, powerful and enlightened state of existence. These 3 again through my career I have channeled to create more money & time. Yes I have built the perfect virtuous cycle of wealth and happiness. But this concept is too early in its conception for me to tell the world about my secret world. For now let half of them idealize billionaires like Bill Gates and Richard Branson, the other half self-proclaimed God-men like Ravi Shankar and Ramdev. The world isn’t ready for the truth of a new existence of which I am the herald. Also I am not ready to come out to both halves of the world and tell them that “Your God is dead, follow my God”. I think I will not go public like this in my lifetime. There is so much work to do still.
* I am a reincarnation. Most of us are, only few are aware of it. Still fewer know who exactly they were in their past life. Still fewer are able to learn about themselves through historic research conducted by others. Still fewer are able to link the skills, personalities gained in their past lives to the current one.Still fewer are able to build a continuum of the work in the past life, in this life. Still fewer are able adapt themselves to the new realities with proper education, experience and expertise. Still fewer are able to connect with other souls in higher dimensions to get proper & timely coaching/guidance in the form of inner convictions and outer random events. Still fewer are able to lead a quiet, un conspicuous normal life knowing all the above.

What I see from these 2 vantage points is:
* Nepal embracing my management teachings ; it transforming from inside out ; it becoming an example of a unique model of development ; more leaders willing to embrace my management teachings emerging from all sectors
* The rise of a different kind of consumerism without which the above transformation isn’t possible. Without more people spending more money, development based on donation isn’t sustainable. I see a consumerism that is going to emerge in Nepal in a healthy way not causing degradation in health, society and happiness. People will spend because they understand not because they blindly desire. In what millions of Nepalis will spend ? I believe the companies my investments will own will figure that out & will spin around many value chains & supply chains around them. I have got 8 years to come down to a definite level of understanding of the direction of consumerism that will give rise & sustain my multi billion conglomerate after I become 50.

Finally, as I said in the title and if you read this far, who cares about this seemingly lunatic bragster from a remote foresaken place on earth? Hopefully one day someone will care and an avalanche of concern will begin that will change Nepal, my world , in the visions I am having