To fight or not to fight

December 24, 2017
1 min read

Waking up this morning at 4 as usual, by 4:30 by first alarm rings : it is visualization time. Today is was tough. As I exercised it got tougher to think of my new mission. I felt surrounded by many negative voices telling me to stop and give up my new mission. Nothing is happening. In the height of this internal conflict, I felt like falling down on my knees of the mind and crying in my mind.
7:30 by exercise was complete.

My shower routine is 12 minutes with music & aroma. Today war music was playing: just what I needed. My body has transformed over the last 2 years I began 3 hrs exercise. I saw now in my mind in the war field , thousands of soldiers outside my tent and me having to fight or give up.

With my new body and new mission , my mind had to renew itself.

I chose to fight this epic war but now in the world of finance.

People need not die today. Money is enough to be lost trying to win.