Corona Virus: the Why?

March 26, 2020
2 min read

The corona virus lockdown has got everyone panicked and feeling like a fish out of the water. But for me the lockdown is as normal as being super busy. I had both sides of life.

How will this crisis end is still uncertain. But how it has affected the world is clear:

  • people must learn to live with themselves instead of looking outside
  • economic growth that is growing exponentially had to be punctuated
  • pollution by carbon footprint had to stop
  • the values that were wrongly based on consumerism: more, bigger, better, newer, latest , had to shift
  • the common misguided aspirations of having infinite crowds of people from all over the world, of unrestricted travel & pomp had to stop
  • the false notion of superiority of big nations had to be squashed

In this grand universal scheme, the richest people or the most powerful are as helpless as anyone.

If we look at all the effects, it is clear that the fingerprints of god are in this crisis big time.

will it be back to square one later?

It won’t be. If the people dont change their behaviors, attitudes, values, aspirations, concepts, there will be another crisis. But this outbreak will make the ego of the modern man fall.

At the time of spanish flu in 1918, the effect wasn’t global & the consciousness of the mass was not elevated enough, nor the erroneous thoughts so deep & widespread. 100 years later the world is ready.

Ready for what?

im talking about a shift in the objectives of living, working, money.

It is time when everything from politics, economics, religion & Science will have to change their stands & perceptions.

God is certainly not a yogi or a bearded old guy or a mother. He is everything from Newton to Einstein to a Babaji.

New times will give rise to new type of heroes as opposed to billionaires, actors, politicians of today.

Why this shift is needed?

the world is a learning platform to evolve our consciousness. It is not a platform for some to earn extraordinarily & all others to consume.

Time has come for the world to lift to the next level of consciousness.