April 10, 2020
1 min read

I felt extremely depressed last night, spilling over to this morning, although the upliftment has already occured. The reason is as usual for all cases of depression: foolish but it took its course.

For me it was the fact that billions of people are jobless & most businesses collapsed .

I have the notion that it is ok I am jobless but that the whole world be in my state of uncertainty, that also indefinitely, made me depressed.

I thought like a king that I would get a job only after all billions did. That would be long away. How could l rejoice even if I get a job when billions are lost?

Then I felt it was my responsibility to lead the billions out into a new world order. Maybe, I thought this is why I am born.

I felt burdened & thus depressed.

It is so foolish when I read my own words. But that’s how depression works.

Even if such a day came, I’d be challenged not depressed.