The Bucket list: living life in reverse

August 21, 2010
1 min read

Live as if you were going to  die tomorrow.

Somebody said that. Why  don’t we follow this simple maxim? 


I always loved watching the ‘bucket list ” starring Jack Nicholsan, and Morgan Freeman. 


These tub guys have been given the prognOSis that they only had only  months to live

They are old and oneguy is filthy rich’

So they do everything they ever  fantasised. 


What is in mybucket list?

  • this is a  consulting  firm that will give immortality to my spirit
  • This book that will change the thought of the mass regading success, management and life.
  • World tour with my family paid by my business of books and motivation with so much luxury as swanks .
  • My private helicopter – for Nepal and my private jetplane  for international travel
  • solving the cultural problem of nepal.
  • My wife, mother, and son knowing that they had the best person in their lives. 


well, my bucket list is a bit unique and strange.  But that is what i want before i die.  I’m working on it.  I live life in reverse. 


So what is your bucket list?

Start your life from that list.