The wart on my face

August 1, 2022
2 min read

Never like before I am concerned excessively with my wart on the left side of my face. It started around 7 years ago , must be when I entered my 40’s.

Warts come due to frustration based on spiritual science. I agree. When I was in the 20’s I had 3 warts in my hands. They never went until one day they left me upon applying some acids. At that time I can say I was a highly frustrated with what I wanted to be.

When I entred the 40’s I had lots of opportunities, I was earning tons of money and also I had lots of anger and frustrations from work. I became an entrepreneur, and failed. At 40 I felt like a college student. I was bitten by monkey in my dreams and it corresponded with my madness about my idea.

I guess the wart must have come around that time when I was in dilemma to start , then after starting whether to continue or not, then after deciding to stop, when to stop.

Looking back from the vantage point of today, I realize that it was the best thing that I failed.

What I don’t understand is that is that state of emotions, still haunting me?

At times it is , i think: when I think of what next to do. The last idea I had was the one about consulting retainer for banks and their BM’s. After working with Xaviers’ I again realize from the vantage point of today, I am happy I failed in that. BM’s are untouchables like teachers in college. May be I will be influencing them, but not now. Let it be and let them revel in the ignorance. When their time will come, I will be there, if I am here.

So may be it is all these high flying ideas that are making me frustrated? May be I should let them go. Yes.

Whatever, I know that throwing my wart will coincide me throwing a certain problematic mindset. Which one it is exactly I don’t know , but I might find it.