Busting the myth of midlife crisis

August 21, 2010
2 min read

Recently I had reached a point  where like many people who have worked for  a long time in a single profession , I thought it was over.

  • I can’t repeat this again as it would be too boring.
  • 1 succeeded so much it could not happen forever
  • there are too many things that are not right. In this profession
  • There must be something better to do


But after two weeks of relaxation I note to reflect

  • I had done things that others said could not be done
  • I was subject to the roughest  and toughest conditions of business
  • I had to motivate people working at the lowest level Of motivatiOr
  • I had to design Strategies that people that people would take 2 yrs in 3hours.
  • I had to implement crargl that managers are paid for years within 2 days Of billable time
  • I moved between 20 Companies within a quarter when people staying a Company for several years


I realized that have fore throngs hi his last quarter. I would feel spiritually tired.


It was not about the profession.

It was about a spirit that needed rest.


People don’t  realize this and  bark at the wrong tree


Again this reel Showed you might rot be the tree for you.

The same medicine will  not work for all disease


Aftert his realization

I fond my spirit back.


I started selling again and mytime  is sold out for the coming month.  

Come on gimme  some more challerges. Is my attitude.


I have recovered.  I busted what was apparently the midcrisis myth.  In fact it was a crisis of a tired heart after giving excessively.