Mad in my vision

April 1, 2017
2 min read

For the first time in my life i chose to keep secret my plan. I’m on to something big.

I could materialise the new reality in 4 ways :
1. All by myself like binod chaudhary
2. With a partner who can be mad like me like the apple, Microsoft story
3. Community style like Linux with no money but fame
4. Like an ngo lobbying and getting funding

I chose option 2.

I’m not going to go solo on such a big dream.
I’m not going to miss earning billions just to be altruistic
I don’t like ngo s concept

My vision is burning me. Uptil last year i had none and was happy. Now I’m still still happy but i can say i lost my inner peace and it will be regained fully only when:
I become Nepal s richest man with net worth of 1 billion dollar and yearly cashflow of 1 million dollar

It is a long journey.

All i need is 0.1 million , the rest of my 0.9 million i will give away as i earn it to causes that are totally un fashionable but that will make the world a better place.

I know what to do with my money now as before i didn’t know and thus didn’t start.

My yearly .9 million dollars will trigger big movements one day eventually ousting the conventional ngo and ingo model.

If people want to earn money I’ll provide them jobs, mission , money , network. I won’t have to be worried to be kidnapped because no matter how much they want i will give them just for asking me through dignified work they can do for me worth the ransom amount.

It is my blog so if you read this and think I’m nuts , it won’t matter. I just want to prove the world that even a nepali boy can succeed without any crookery with his sheer brain power. Its my destiny. One day I’ll go down on the annals of history and this blog will be a good reference.