Evolution of Eating

First people ate because they were hungry.


Then they ate because it was time to eat: breakfast, lunch, dinner.


These two modes of eating is now causing the problem of being overweight. 


Now the wise generation, eats because it has to compensate the loss of calories and components (minerals, vitamins, etc) to perform internal processes and external activites. 


This is a totally new way of eating. 


It is not driven by hunger or habit but my necessity. 


In this third generation of eating, we eat just enough.  When we work out less we eat less.  When we do more physical activities, we eat more. 


This generation lives by the pointer in the weighing machine.  More the arrow points to the right than the desired weight, less eating and more exercise.  More the arrow points to the left of the desired weitgh, more eating and less exercise. 


It is a simple way of living if we neglect:

  • Social obligation to eat
  • Desire to eat and taste food.
  • Stress related eating urge


So it is not easy to have a calories-based eating mode, but it is not impossible.  I have joined the third generation of eating since the last 5 years.  The above three factors increase my weight regularly but I regain control.  What about you?