August 30, 2023
2 min read

Today I feel a strange sense of seriousness. Something important I think or I feel , that I must do without actually knowing what it is. Even my eyes are feeling sharper, my mind more resolute and even my breathing shorter.

it is not about money or status now. It is just a new feeling. My various dreams in the last week I have been leading me to hereI think.

Frankly I do not know what the fuss is about. Do I need to go somewhere? Do I need to call somebody? Do I need to do something? I don’t know you just that I feel serious about life I ahead. I am an important stage of life because I have attained something.

the last year has been an amazing year like no other year in terms of what I have achieved in my spiritual world meeting the material world through the books that I have been talking of the last decade but unable to do.

maybe it is the three important people I met in my life last year that were the missing links. Finally the challenging relationships has settled.

so maybe I am feeling like hurricane or maybe it is the beginning of a new challenge I do not know.