Being a nobody once in a while

July 6, 2010
2 min read

I was back from a workshop with college students that hailed me as a hero.  Just as i was brushing away from the glory and admiration, a road under construction stops me.  The contractor comes to be with eyes the shape of marbles. 

Then he starts scolding me as if i was a, what to say, nobody.  I just realized it has been a long time i had not been a ‘nobody’.  I was wearing my helmet so he did not see my face may be. 

I remember days before when this type of treatment would not come to me as a shock. 

Luckily i have to get out of my comfort zone of glorification every day as i am a one-day-ceo.  Still i realize it is so difficult to adjust to the rampage of insolence that the streets throw at you.  Imagine being a cuff-wearing CEO driving a black luxury chauffeured car.  No thanks for me.  That would keep so far away from reality, that thought itself scare me. 

Anyways, i escaped from the contractor’s frustation that i spoilt his construction a little bit, with the least communication.  i told him, “what is the point of shouting? you become bad , i become bad and the onlooker becomes bad.  Eventually i will have to pass through the road and it will damage your construction anyway since there is no other way out of here.  So bye.”  Then i zoomed off. 

Indeed i like to be a nobody at times.