Introspection into the future

March 31, 2020
1 min read

What has the world got to give me? Or maybe it is the other way round: what do I have to give the world?

I am frustrated or maybe I am scared of the upcoming future.

Billions of people have got to get back to work for me to get work.

Then again I don’t seek full engagement. But it will be difficult for everyone. Why do I care?

Truly i don’t know. In fact secretly I am happy 7 billion people have been given this rude awakening at the same time. It is an amazing feat. Buddha & other mysticshad been telling everyone to slowdown. Climatologist, essentialists, happiness experts had been telling the world to slowdown. Now finally, it did.

I’m not restless like others because this stagnation is my natural way.

so I am happy that what I wanted to teach the world, they are forced to learn.

I am unknown on how I fit in this grand universal scheme. I doubt but I can’t deny the signs: dreams, blessings, thoughts.

Even this is not my problem because that power that can create coronavirus can certainly fit me in if it wanted.