2 types of money

April 18, 2022
1 min read

I had an amazing sexual dream today. However the meaning is more likely related to my work where I should be able to perform like a stallion with people being fully receptive. This is exactly how things unfolded today.

Everything is going good except the confusion about my pay.

Why does this dilemma always occur?

Before I knew how to overpay myself but this time as I have been writing I am behaving older. This strategy failed with Mega Bank but then I will not attribute the fault in my strategy. It was what to say? Practice. I lost nothing and lost nothing.

Now my strategy is long term, 10 years minimum.

For all the workers salary, sales in dopamine. For me it was at the beginning but later on it becomes cortisol-endorphin. That is why I guess that despite being in so much financial pressures I always come out richer as I spend so little with the cortisol-endorphin approach working equally in the spending side. It is as opposed to those taking the dopamine approach to income because for them spending is also dopamine-cortisol mix.

Voila I finally have a scientific explanation of money.