A mixed day

March 22, 2022
2 min read

My wife is not perfect, nor am I. This is what marriage is, the tolerance of imperfection while thinking one is perfect but the other is imperfect and the feeling being mutual. In a relationship besides marriage, this is unsustainable. Friends will just part ways, work relations will just quit. But marriages are a bit different.

Of course many marriages end in divorce but this is the exception more than the rule.

But after almost 3 years of being beaten down by corona crisis, nothing really depresses me for a long time. In that period I had lost it all. So many times I was made to fall from all sides, career, self-esteem, family. But I stood up. I fought back and regained my position. I think this is my greatest strength.

I am not afraid of anything now. Death, failure, pain, rejection, embarrassment, stress. it is strange. yes all these things affect me for a while but then they fall out like the fallen limbs of the monsters in my dream today.

Today I got two good news after so many bad news: i got 2 jobs. One I start tomorrow and the other in few weeks. I will stick to my strategy of multiple sector and whoever values me. I am not looking for the hotest girl in the class, no. I am open to any offer by a decent organization. Hot girls were a big mistake I made in the last two years. Not that i lost anything in that time as there was nothing else to do than follow the hot companies as they were the only ones surviving in the corona crisis. So I don’t blame myself.