April 16, 2022
1 min read

With my last 30+ classes of motivation to the students of class 11, I realize I have very close finding the single topic I am willing to commit myself to for the rest of my life that will encompass all my knoweldge. This field is:


With this topic I can integrate the knoweldge of the Gita with everything from science to economics to management.

Now I have found the winner but the next challenge is what do?

  • do nothing like now
  • do a phD in this field
  • write a book
  • go to the usa and promote my ideas
  • other actions I don’t know of now

I wish I could go the usa but even if i could besides my age, I would be disturbing too many lives that matter to me for the betterment of world that doesn’t care about me and that won’t be grateful.

I know I wil be well recieved in usa but I have live there. and that i cannot do or i am not willing to do.

So I guess I will do nothing and wait for a serendipity to occur.

But what kind?