The call from outside

June 27, 2019
1 min read

The last few days were really hard on me. I felt like was hit on the head with hammers. Every phone call hurt my brain. I felt angry at customers for cancelling.

But after much meditation I realize it was the sign i needed to change. Now I needed to develop a new system to existing ones:

  1. daily video promotion
  2. weekly email promotion

Now i needed to build the third system

Enquiry based follow-up system

My mission is thus to close each enquiry:


no, sorry: we canceled the program or we gave the deal to someone else

later call me on …

This jump was a hard one to make as it would wake me up from my slumber. I enjoyed my luxurious lifestyle and nothing can stop me since I have the money. But it would be a loss to the world. I must get up and do work. I will still retain the luxury part but squeeze it.

I felt the biggest change in my forehead: tickling sensation, as if circuits were being made. May be it is so.

I needed this trip so much.