Customers and the rise of inhumanity

September 2, 2013
4 min read

One of my tasks is to deal with customers who in the course of any transaction lose any hope to be reasoned by normal staffs. They may have lost control of themselves due to fault of negligence of the service provider, their own issues and in most cases nature or factors beyond any body’s control.

I’ve seen the worst of humanity in those instances. I’ll give you logic why.

If one gets angry at work , he controls his temper out of fear that he’ll get fired.

If one gets angry at home, he controls his temper out of fear that he will destroy relationships.

If one gets angry on the streets, he controls his temper out of fear that the police might take him or a nasty stranger will interfere.

But its a totally different cause effect Scenario at any service provider’s place. Here being the customer if one gets angry, he has no reason to control himself as he has nothing to lose and the supplier has everything to lose.

Here one can yell, shout profanity, abuse, disrupt as much as he wants all without direct consequences.

Friends- l have seen the worst of customers. One word is enough for customers in that state of “perception of being wronged” to get so aggressive as vandalize the place, go to the press and engage in ruthless bad mouthing of this company.

Nothing can be done by the supplier as he has all to lose and nothing to gain by reciprocating the behaviour of the irate customer.

You will say , “Make your product or service so good, it won’t happen.” Unless you are a housewife, a rich man since birth, a government employee, a diplomat or a jogi you know this can never be possible. 100% error free is a myth.

In my company with every sinister customers l create a new system to minimize the error that gave rise to that incident. But even then there is no guarantee a ill and reckless person becomes a customer and loses his temper at one of my employees.

That is life. I teach them.

Don’t expect humanity from customers. Some will be saints. That is an exception. Most will be normal in situations unfavourable to them but some will become monsters. Take it as a rule.

Scriptures say one should live in the jungle. Now the real jungle is consumerism. You are truly alone here. Customers and prospects don’t care about you. Live with it.

Over the years l have become seasoned and still I am horrified at experiencing how inhuman  people can be in the position of customer.

Here l am speaking as an individual not belonging to any company or should l say now I am a free man and l am threatened by my position as service provider. So I speak to all those irresponsible and inhuman people who mis use their position as customers.

“Shame on you. Don’t think your sinful act of aggression and inhumanity will go unpunished by Cosmic law. You might be that supplier’s customer but to the universe you are someone who recklessly hurt another fellow human being because you had the right given by modern consumerism and he could not defend himself due to business code.

“My Soul will curse you for the mindless acts of yours in your fit of rage over circumstances beyond anyone’s control.

“What you do to others will come back to you. Good one time. Bad three times.

“You are a scum if you think your hurtful behavior is acceptable.”

So l spoke my heart against the attrocities of savages who call themselves customers.

Stop this abuse of position for your own good.