On my second book

May 30, 2023
2 min read

Writing my second book is it very different experience than my first book. Earlier the flow was so fast & smooth because I had already so many things that had been cooking in my mind all those years and that needed to be written down. In fact, I seem to be struggling to even start. It seems that whatever new things that I’m going to write in this second book I have still to think about it. But it is OKAY I think.

So the second book is a new experience and it is challenging me but I’m not giving up because I’m learning about myself and my skills. Here I am able to come up with new ideas and new frameworks. I don’t think that just writing and adding words is going to help and it has worked for me in the first book so I guess that this is gonna work in a second Book also. I think that frameworks and diagrams will be my trademark in whatever books I write in the future.

In this second book, I think that I am integrating all my positive and negative experiences in the spiritual work as well as in my counseling work. I never thought that I would be able to document my experiences at this stage of my life even before I turned 50 but then this is how it is now.

The challenge has been to actually to start writing down even though I have started and completed about 3000 words and I’m still working on the frameworks. But if you rush then you’ll get shitty work which is useless.

Now I think that I must determine a date by which I will finalize the frameworks and start writing.